On Friday  the 26th of October 2018, I and a group of Rotaractors from Kampala city and other clubs set out to Munteme Hoima district for a medical camp. We went with  a team from Red cross, a dentist from Mulago and some lawyers from the legal team who helped with the legal advise.

The next we set out to the venue which we found  well set up and ready for the team to start.

We had various centers set up for example the dental department,the legal department,the optical department ,the maternity center and the pharmacy.

I helped volunteer with the dental department and my work was to register the patients,ask them what the problem is and interpret for the doctor as well since he couldn’t speak the local language, i also took the time to counsel  them as well  and encourage them to maintain there teeth in a proper manner.

Being able to make a difference in peoples lives is what made this trip worthwhile and seeing the people appreciate as well as make them  smile is something worth taking home.

The camp ended with the group painting the maternity ward which will be handed over to the community next year.
The team was led by the president Rebbeca Kahunde for a barbecue to crown the festivities and end the day in style.
I would encourage every one to join the Rotary foundation in order to make a difference in people’s lives.



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As the day draws nears to an end,

I walk through the shops of Kampala City,

With the motor bikes riding passengers in a terrible speed,

Ladies selling fruits by the roadside,

Street beggars asking for money from each car that passes by,

City dwellers rushing to the park to find their way out,

I rush out to the taxi with a conductor shouting Nakawa Ntinda,

Alas i get one with the jam too crazy and cars moving slowly,

With the taxi taking its precious time i wonder when will i reach my next destination i seat calmly while  listening to my favorite radio station Radio City with the latest jams,

We go through the Jam swiftly and I reach my final destination,

With such journeys one  should always prepare themselves with patience and enough time to reach their final destination and walk through Kampala city swiftly.


Uganda the land enriched with  fertile soil and a rich culture,with rain all year round

The beautiful green scenery and fresh  cool air from all lakes around,

Our country blessed with fresh fruits and food for example matooke,cassava,millet,groundnuts,is a blessing we stay pure to,

Blessed with very beautiful weather all year through is what we are honored to have,

The source of the Nile a treasure we hold onto speaks much of our great heritage and culture,

The diverse cultures these combine of the various tribes we have is what makes us unique and different,

The tourist attractions that we have make us the most beautiful tourist destination to visit in Eastern Africa these comprise of water falls,gorilla trekking and beautiful rivers,

The unique mode of transport like the taxis we use and motorbikes which we call boda boda,

Uganda has the best local dances we have for example  Bakisimba,Ekitaguriro,Ekizino,Akembe,Entogoro,Adungu,Gaze and Bwola.





Dear Mom,

Words can’t express how grateful I am for you,

The love you have expressed to us when sick is immeasurable, when caring for the pets all this, you do with deeming joy, giving us pocket money in school while broke.

The sacrifice that you have rendered to us for example visiting us at school, making sure all of us have taken breakfast in the morning, all this I don’t take for granted.

Like a therapist you counsel us when wrong we look forward to your amazing advice.

The care, with this I can say nobody does it better than you do. You will get all that you have to make sure that the visitors are well catered for as well as carrying sweets for the grandchildren.

The hard work you put in from going to the farm, to shopping on Saturday, to supervising builders, this we emulate you.

The calm demeanor that you hold, with this kind of trait, even when the valleys are low you know you will go through it because mom takes each situation calmly it as it goes.

The laughter it is something that is inborn, everyone around you will fill it in the room and this you has passed it on to the grandchildren.

I can go on and on Mum, thank you for being the strong pillar in our family that holds us together for you we are forever grateful.

From all of us your children, grandchildren, in-laws, friends and family I would love to wish you a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.


There are times when you are troubled and wonder why you have to go through the tough times.

These times come piercing like a nail in the flesh with so much pain, you hurt, you cry, you are distressed. Lord why me why do I have to go through the torture of this world.

This time teaches you to be strong, to be mature, to be patient and to go through the hurdles of life with ease. Alas there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Finally when you go through it and become a victor you rejoice, you laugh, you smile and you have the energy to take each day as it comes because you have conquered and are now a victor of your own.


Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.




On a Thursday evening, I set out with a group of friends to go and have a nice meal at one of our favorite hang outs. The meal was nice, we caught up on lost memories, played games and later bade farewell to each other.

It was late evening. I went to the taxi stage and I waited for a taxi to no avail, waited for like 2 hours and there was still no sign of one. A thought came to my mind why don’t I get a motor bike so that I can reach home safely. I stopped a random bike that was moving and told the gentle man who was riding it where I was going and he said its ok I will drop you madam.

On our journey the motorbike rider decided to divert on asking him he told me madam I’m taking you to where you told me to take you so I kept calm my heart was panting and I started thinking of all the bad stuff that could happen to me.

Hardly had I talked to him and he drove at a terrible speed to the top of the hill and from a blue he told me that his bike had run out of fuel.

The moment we stopped another motorbike came from behind so I thought we would be helped. I got six hot slaps and four kicks, in this process they were trying to demand for the bag and money and we started to fight for it every time I resisted I would get a kick.

I made an alarm and they decided to throw me in a trench which I had to struggle to get out of and find my way to the road.

I thank God I survived this terrible scenario, things were not taken and I escaped death.

I want to advise everyone out there to be careful while travelling at night or during the day, always have a jacket and avoid travelling at night. When stuck please grab an uber, safe-boda or Taxi




On Friday afternoon, I and a group of friends from Watoto church set out to go and camp via the lake shores of Lake Victoria for a camp. We spent three days there. Beauty and wonder is how I can describe this treasure of God that he has set before us.

With the water so calm and splendid early morning, speaks of how much I would to love to stay at the lake side and just admire this beautiful creation.

With the early morning, calmness engulfs the area with birds singing and little monkeys running around in trees as they play and welcome the beginning of a new day.In the early afternoon the water is so rough with waves dashing to the lakeside and splashing lots of water to the shores.

With the late evening, the waters have finally settled in and I can’t wait to just sit down and admire the waters in their beautiful nature. As I prepare for a campfire to end my evening and dance to the tunes of Tamba, salsa and cha-cha.

Thus my three days had to come to an end and i had to say good bye to the most adorable treasure in the universe “LAKE VICTORIA”.




Family is a small group of people who are born together from the same father and mother.

I happen to come from a very good family that is so supportive of each other.We share our birthday celebrations together,be there for each other when we are sick,critique each other,fight as well.

We have gone to places together and share a lot of experiences together and strive hard to make each other better.

I want to thank God for his availability and providence and giving me a good family.



Friends once gotten are a fortune to hold on to.
In life we meet people who will correct us,be there for us.
Be with us in our good and bad times.Correct us when we are in wrong.Share good memories for example birthday parties,night outs,birthday parties,weddings and gossip.
I am so blessed to have such good friends,the kind that will be with you till the end of life,these have been the anchor of my life,my role models,my guardian angels and my people and my rock.
My friends  continue being you,from the bottom of my heart,im grateful for you and may God continue being the center of your lives.



Rains almost made miss work today,for some reason. I set the alarm and when i decided to go check my phone, Oh my God it was 7:00 am. I checked outside it was still dark,decided to organise and prepare my self. I left the  house at 7:25 am. I decided to brace the heavy rain. All this time i kept wondering,how can it be 7:30 am and its still dark,maybe my phone lied to me.

I walked and walked, the journey seemed longer than before,and it was  dark.

I finally reached  the stage. The mighty nimbus clouds another word for rain hit me like crazy,while i stood at the stage admiring all the people in their cars heading to work.

In my head i was like  why cant these guys give me a lift,dont they see that im immensely wet and im longing for a ride to work.

Taxis past 1 after another at that time,i wished i could squeeze my little butt somewhere,just to get out of the rain.

Thank God for the taxi that came and saved me out of the rain.

As i write i think i just broke the taxi seat because of my overly small weight,ha ha and cant believe im going to be late for work.

As i write its coming to 8:30am and im still in the taxi.

As i approach my work place,Im helped with an umbrella by my work mate.

I reach the  village power offices at 8:50 am and my idle mind  has to come to a stand still,im back to work mode.