Have you ever looked back and wondered how life would be if you werent alive,

For the air that I breathe and a healthy life this I am greatful,

The job that I have and my fellow employees this i dont take for granted thanks for making me grow in my career,

For my family that Im part of,thank you for being there for me when i have been sick and down, you have stood by me and made me better person,

For the rotary fellowship,thanks for giving me the opportunity to serve and to impact the community i leave in,you are the true epitome of service above self,

The SWAP family for the endless advice and life lessons you have given me these i take with me,

The Worship harvest where i serve on the guest experience team thank for giving me the opportunity to serve,I look forward to being there every sunday,

The fellowship i attend “IRON SHARPENS IRON”,you have sharpened the sword in me and i learn alot daily from each one of you,

My extended family and friends thanks for who you have been to me,you have given me beautiful memories that i always look forward to,

To the almighty God thanks for making me who i am today,im forever indebted to you.






This year has seen me be able adopt to a good skin regime with this i have been able to wash and moisturize my skin,to many who know me,know how i love my cosmetics. These are the following things i have decided to use for the year 2019.

You need to know your skin type before you decide to acquire a new product,one of my go to products has always been in the SIMPLE COLLECTION. I have a dry skin and i always look out for products that are not harsh to the skin.

This facial wash has helped me clear my pores and i would highly recommend it to anyone.

My other favorite thing that i have been able to acquire and use this year has been the parachute coconut oil.This is a good moisturizer and doesnt bleach neither will you sweat when you use it.Essential oils are good for the body as they will give it that nice shine and tone. The oils are easily available in any shop around you.

This coconut oil is the real deal and will leave your skin so smooth and shiny.

The other thing i have enjoyed using this year are the lippies. My go to lipsticks for the year are Mac matte lipstick especially the Ruby Woo and Flat out Fabulous these are in the shadess of hot red and purple. Revlon lipsticks are also nice and oily for that day when you want something simple and easy to go to.

Revlon lipsticks are easily available in shops all around.
Mac lipsticks live a long lasting stay on my lips and i would highly recommend it to anyone.

My last favorite thing that is a must have, is a nice body splash and a nice perfume.I love the nice fruity scents. The bath and body works mists are a must have for any lady,these leave you smelling fresh and nice all day round.

The Japanese cherry blossom is a sweet and fruity scent that every time you wear it,you will move with your head high because you will exude with confidence.
Flower bomb by Victor and Ralph is among my top best and favorite with this perfume,every where you go you will leave people in awe.

These are my favorite things for the year 2019,what are yours?


As we draw closer to Women’s day,i look back to say thank you to the woman who toils daily for her children.

To the woman,she goes to the garden to work hard and get food for her family,

With her heart, so warm she embraces her children as they come back from school,

Her face full of brightness she smiles as she shares her food with the community around her,

The fashion style she embodies, is one to reckon with,

woman so tough,resilient,emotional,fragile and vulnerable but still you have the energy to remain strong through the different stages and phases of motherhood,

The single mother ,she struggles to raise her child with less resources,hoping her child will one day stand out and become the next president of the nation,

To the woman who hasn’t given up on the call to motherhood,

I honor and salute on this day.



This Christmas holiday was one of the best holidays i got to experience.I was on leave and i had the opportunity to do a lot of the things i love to do. I got to visit many rotary and rotaract clubs where there was gift exchange and alot of merry making,singing of Christmas carols and geting excited about the holiday mood.

I traveled to Sembabule district for a baptism celebration like the culture is.There was lots of merry making,eating,drinking and bouncing castles for the children and a great time to be with friends and family.I also got to see the amazing lands of Sembabule district.

Family at the baptism celebration.

cutting of cake

The amazing beautiful houses of Sembabule.

As 2018 came to an end i thanked God that it had been a beautiful year with its highs and lows.I have loved every moment i shared with each one of you,friends and Family.

As i usher in 2019.I cant wait for what it has to offer.

For my family I would love to wish you a beautiful 2019 full of beautiful memories.

Happy 2019

HAPPY 2019


On Friday  the 26th of October 2018, I and a group of Rotaractors from Kampala city and other clubs set out to Munteme Hoima district for a medical camp. We went with  a team from Red cross, a dentist from Mulago and some lawyers from the legal team who helped with the legal advise.

The next day we set out to the venue which we found  well set up and ready for the team to start.

We had various centers set up for example the dental department,the legal department,the optical department ,the maternity center and the pharmacy department.

I helped volunteer with the dental department and my work was to register the patients,ask them what the problem is and interpret for the doctor as well since he couldn’t speak the local language, i also took the time to counsel  them as well  and encourage them to maintain there dental health in a proper manner.

Being able to make a difference in peoples lives is what made this trip worthwhile and seeing the people appreciate as well as making them  smile is an experience worth sharing .

The camp ended with the group painting the maternity ward which will be handed over to the community next year.

The team was led by the President  of Kampala City Rotaract club Miss Rebbeca Kahunde,we later headed for a barbecue to crown the festivities and end the day in style.

I would encourage every one to join the Rotary foundation in order to make a difference in people’s lives.


images (1)

As the day draws nears to an end,

I walk through the shops of Kampala City,

With the motor bikes riding passengers in a terrible speed,

Ladies selling fruits by the roadside,

Street beggars asking for money from each car that passes by,

City dwellers rushing to the park to find their way out,

I rush out to the taxi with a conductor shouting Nakawa Ntinda,

Alas i get one with the jam too crazy and cars moving slowly,

With the taxi taking its precious time i wonder when will i reach my next destination i seat calmly while  listening to my favorite radio station Radio City with the latest jams,

We go through the Jam swiftly and I reach my final destination,

With such journeys one  should always prepare themselves with patience and enough time to reach their final destination and walk through Kampala city swiftly.


Uganda the land enriched with  fertile soil and a rich culture,with rain all year round

The beautiful green scenery and fresh  cool air from all lakes around,

Our country blessed with fresh fruits and food for example matooke,cassava,millet,groundnuts,is a blessing we stay pure to,

Blessed with very beautiful weather all year through is what we are honored to have,

The source of the Nile a treasure we hold onto speaks much of our great heritage and culture,

The diverse cultures these combine of the various tribes we have is what makes us unique and different,

The tourist attractions that we have make us the most beautiful tourist destination to visit in Eastern Africa these comprise of water falls,gorilla trekking and beautiful rivers,

The unique mode of transport like the taxis we use and motorbikes which we call boda boda,

Uganda has the best local dances we have for example  Bakisimba,Ekitaguriro,Ekizino,Akembe,Entogoro,Adungu,Gaze and Bwola.





Dear Mom,

Words can’t express how grateful I am for you,

The love you have expressed to us when sick is immeasurable, when caring for the pets all this, you do with deeming joy, giving us pocket money in school while broke.

The sacrifice that you have rendered to us for example visiting us at school, making sure all of us have taken breakfast in the morning, all this I don’t take for granted.

Like a therapist you counsel us when wrong we look forward to your amazing advice.

The care, with this I can say nobody does it better than you do. You will get all that you have to make sure that the visitors are well catered for as well as carrying sweets for the grandchildren.

The hard work you put in from going to the farm, to shopping on Saturday, to supervising builders, this we emulate you.

The calm demeanor that you hold, with this kind of trait, even when the valleys are low you know you will go through it because mom takes each situation calmly it as it goes.

The laughter it is something that is inborn, everyone around you will fill it in the room and this you has passed it on to the grandchildren.

I can go on and on Mum, thank you for being the strong pillar in our family that holds us together for you we are forever grateful.

From all of us your children, grandchildren, in-laws, friends and family I would love to wish you a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.


There are times when you are troubled and wonder why you have to go through the tough times.

These times come piercing like a nail in the flesh with so much pain, you hurt, you cry, you are distressed. Lord why me why do I have to go through the torture of this world.

This time teaches you to be strong, to be mature, to be patient and to go through the hurdles of life with ease. Alas there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Finally when you go through it and become a victor you rejoice, you laugh, you smile and you have the energy to take each day as it comes because you have conquered and are now a victor of your own.


Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.




On a Thursday evening, I set out with a group of friends to go and have a nice meal at one of our favorite hang outs. The meal was nice, we caught up on lost memories, played games and later bade farewell to each other.

It was late evening. I went to the taxi stage and I waited for a taxi to no avail, waited for like 2 hours and there was still no sign of one. A thought came to my mind why don’t I get a motor bike so that I can reach home safely. I stopped a random bike that was moving and told the gentle man who was riding it where I was going and he said its ok I will drop you madam.

On our journey the motorbike rider decided to divert on asking him he told me madam I’m taking you to where you told me to take you so I kept calm my heart was panting and I started thinking of all the bad stuff that could happen to me.

Hardly had I talked to him and he drove at a terrible speed to the top of the hill and from a blue he told me that his bike had run out of fuel.

The moment we stopped another motorbike came from behind so I thought we would be helped. I got six hot slaps and four kicks, in this process they were trying to demand for the bag and money and we started to fight for it every time I resisted I would get a kick.

I made an alarm and they decided to throw me in a trench which I had to struggle to get out of and find my way to the road.

I thank God I survived this terrible scenario, things were not taken and I escaped death.

I want to advise everyone out there to be careful while travelling at night or during the day, always have a jacket and avoid travelling at night. When stuck please grab an uber, safe-boda or Taxi