On Friday  the 26th of October 2018, I and a group of Rotaractors from Kampala city and other clubs set out to Munteme Hoima district for a medical camp. We went with  a team from Red cross, a dentist from Mulago and some lawyers from the legal team who helped with the legal advise.

The next we set out to the venue which we found  well set up and ready for the team to start.

We had various centers set up for example the dental department,the legal department,the optical department ,the maternity center and the pharmacy.

I helped volunteer with the dental department and my work was to register the patients,ask them what the problem is and interpret for the doctor as well since he couldn’t speak the local language, i also took the time to counsel  them as well  and encourage them to maintain there teeth in a proper manner.

Being able to make a difference in peoples lives is what made this trip worthwhile and seeing the people appreciate as well as make them  smile is something worth taking home.

The camp ended with the group painting the maternity ward which will be handed over to the community next year.
The team was led by the president Rebbeca Kahunde for a barbecue to crown the festivities and end the day in style.
I would encourage every one to join the Rotary foundation in order to make a difference in people’s lives.


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