On a Thursday evening, I set out with a group of friends to go and have a nice meal at one of our favorite hang outs. The meal was nice, we caught up on lost memories, played games and later bade farewell to each other.

It was late evening. I went to the taxi stage and I waited for a taxi to no avail, waited for like 2 hours and there was still no sign of one. A thought came to my mind why don’t I get a motor bike so that I can reach home safely. I stopped a random bike that was moving and told the gentle man who was riding it where I was going and he said its ok I will drop you madam.

On our journey the motorbike rider decided to divert on asking him he told me madam I’m taking you to where you told me to take you so I kept calm my heart was panting and I started thinking of all the bad stuff that could happen to me.

Hardly had I talked to him and he drove at a terrible speed to the top of the hill and from a blue he told me that his bike had run out of fuel.

The moment we stopped another motorbike came from behind so I thought we would be helped. I got six hot slaps and four kicks, in this process they were trying to demand for the bag and money and we started to fight for it every time I resisted I would get a kick.

I made an alarm and they decided to throw me in a trench which I had to struggle to get out of and find my way to the road.

I thank God I survived this terrible scenario, things were not taken and I escaped death.

I want to advise everyone out there to be careful while travelling at night or during the day, always have a jacket and avoid travelling at night. When stuck please grab an uber, safe-boda or Taxi




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