On Friday afternoon, I and a group of friends from Watoto church set out to go and camp via the lake shores of Lake Victoria for a camp. We spent three days there. Beauty and wonder is how I can describe this treasure of God that he has set before us.

With the water so calm and splendid early morning, speaks of how much I would to love to stay at the lake side and just admire this beautiful creation.

With the early morning, calmness engulfs the area with birds singing and little monkeys running around in trees as they play and welcome the beginning of a new day.In the early afternoon the water is so rough with waves dashing to the lakeside and splashing lots of water to the shores.

With the late evening, the waters have finally settled in and I can’t wait to just sit down and admire the waters in their beautiful nature. As I prepare for a campfire to end my evening and dance to the tunes of Tamba, salsa and cha-cha.

Thus my three days had to come to an end and i had to say good bye to the most adorable treasure in the universe “LAKE VICTORIA”.




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