Rains almost made miss work today,for some reason. I set the alarm and when i decided to go check my phone, Oh my God it was 7:00 am. I checked outside it was still dark,decided to organise and prepare my self. I left the  house at 7:25 am. I decided to brace the heavy rain. All this time i kept wondering,how can it be 7:30 am and its still dark,maybe my phone lied to me.

I walked and walked, the journey seemed longer than before,and it was  dark.

I finally reached  the stage. The mighty nimbus clouds another word for rain hit me like crazy,while i stood at the stage admiring all the people in their cars heading to work.

In my head i was like  why cant these guys give me a lift,dont they see that im immensely wet and im longing for a ride to work.

Taxis past 1 after another at that time,i wished i could squeeze my little butt somewhere,just to get out of the rain.

Thank God for the taxi that came and saved me out of the rain.

As i write i think i just broke the taxi seat because of my overly small weight,ha ha and cant believe im going to be late for work.

As i write its coming to 8:30am and im still in the taxi.

As i approach my work place,Im helped with an umbrella by my work mate.

I reach the  village power offices at 8:50 am and my idle mind  has to come to a stand still,im back to work mode.


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