As a company  my colleagues  and I decided to travel to Jinja District to participate in the Jinja district annual  Cancer run to create awareness about cancer.

BASOGA TWEGAITE”  the theme of the event, brought all sorts of people young children ,middle class and the older generation participated in this event .

Various companies were in attendance  there to promote their products.for example Village Power,Mwiri Boys,Wanyange girls,Barclays Bank and Standard Chartard Bank,UWEC (Uganda Wildlife authority).

There were lots of activity to do i.e climbing on the horse,dancing ,running and donating of blood.

The trip ended with a visit to the source of the Nile and a nice sumptous meal with colleagues. VIVA VILLAGE POWER.




3 thoughts on “WORK TRIP

  1. Again, I love that you added pics to your post! You have an awesome smile and it was great of your work to participate in a run for cancer awareness. I, too, love participating in awareness run/walks. It’s always nice to go to those events, meet people, and take pictures. We have a HUGE walk/run every year in my hometown of Charleston, SC called the “Cooper River Bridge Run”. People come from all over, even professional runners from Kenya (who are usually the top 5). Look it up on Google. Participants dress up and it lasts for hours bc you have to walk the whole bridge. It’s an awesome event.


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